Sheikh Hamid bin Hamdan AL nahayan, is a well known member of ruling family of ABU DHABI. like other sheikhs of UAE, no one can really count his monthly income or assets . He owns a 4200 square kilometers cattle station in NT Australia. Plus other stud cattle properties in Queensland Australia.Sheikh Hamad owns Futaisi Island, this has been handed down from father to son. It covers an area of 50 square kilometres ( larger than Abu Dhabi central city).It was last given to Sheikh Hamad by his father Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan.(deceased) the past Prime Minister of Abu Dhabi Emirate and cousin to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004) the founder of the UAE. The Island has enormous potential for numerous conservation and business interests in the future due to its location. These plans have been under development for many years by Sheikh Hamad.

however the real cause of his fame , which is also his hobby, is the unique collection of cars

he has built a pyramid shaped garage near abu dhabi, which currently contains more than 200 cars extremely odd cars .This collection includes world first ever car which was built by mercedez benz in 1886,the biggest caravan in the world, biggest truck in the world, lamborghini murchilago and galardo, several ferrari cars including ferrari enzo, early 1900’s fords , monster trucks, several muscle cars etc and few non production cars as well which are designed by sheikh himself

pyramid's outer scene

entrance into museum

the globe caravan car

this globe caravan, is exactly one millionth of the really earth in size .

the largest truck in the world

this is the largest truck in the world ,which is replica of classics dodge power wagon. this  monster truck is eight times the original dodge power wagon. this truck is actually a palace on wheels. it has 4 giant bedrooms, lounge , dining room and other household facilities. the most amazing thing about this truck is despite its heavy weight of 50 tonns.. this thing actually moves……!!!!! and the best road for this truck are the crazy deserts of UAE.

the reason why he is known as rainbow sheikh  is that he, in 1983 , acquired seven Mercedes 500 SEL, one for each day of the week, which the firm Styling Garage in Germany painted in the colours of the rainbow complete with matching interior. The vehicles also included gun racks on the inside of the boot lid which held several M16 rifles. The guns were painted to match the cars. The cars are now on public view at the EMIRATES NATIONAL AUTO MUSEUM ENAM Museum outside Abu Dhabi.From that onwards rainbow became the trademark of the his museum and his nickname. Now every car in the museum has rainbow symbol on it and most of the cars are also painted in the rainbow colours.

rainbow colours painted mercedez cars

rainbow coloured mini

rainbow coloured pickup

largest and most advanced caravan of the world

world first car at emairates national car museum

enam cars in front of emirates palace

several hundred thousand dollars worth old school car

a modern alpha romeo car


a mercedez sport car

a ferrari in the group of ferraris

a suzuki sports car

pagani zonda f

for more information click here


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