This short movie is a work under the AK PRODUCTIONS of MUHAMMAD AFZAL ASKARI (The founder), who also directed and wrote the script and concept of this brilliant short movie.
The movie starts when a guy named Askari is rejected from the one and only NUST, and has to be admitted in FAST (As usual :p).. Now, Sara wants Askari to study with her in Electrical Engineering. While, Qasim  (Askari’s best friend) never wants to go to Electrical Department, just because of the MALE MAHOL in that department. Askari and Qasim play a trick with Sara, for getting admission in BBA for the shughal mela stuff with girls etc.
They both succeed, but then a TWIST in ASKARI’s Life shuffles it up.
What is the twist, you gotta watch this fun ride venture, Edited by MUHAMMAD KHURRAM.


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