Top Ten Soccer Shoes


Top Ten Soccer Cleats

Here are the Top Ten Most Popular Soccer Cleats (as of August 2011):

1. Adidas adiPower Predator Soccer Cleats

adidas_adiPowerAs worn by the great Kaka the adidas adiPower Predator is one of the the lightest Predators that adidas have ever created at just 7.8 ounces. This cleat has a calfskin full grain upper and Powerspine technology in the midsole and forfoot for maximum ball control and shooting power

The adidas adiPower Preadtor Retails for $199.



 2. Diadora Maracana RTX 12 Soccer Cleats


The Diadora Maracana RTX 12 is a high quality professional level cleat at a reasonable price. The all kangaroo leather upper provides maximum comfort and the Double Action inserts provides enhanced rebound and increased ankle support. The Diadora Maracana RTX 12 retails for $94.99



 3. Adidas adiPure IV SL TRX FG Soccer Cleats

adidasadipureThe adidas adiPure IV SL TRX FG is possibly the lightest adidas soccer cleat you will ever wear at just 7.0 oz. The upper is buttery soft kangaroo leather in fine adidas tradtion and the full plate outsole boasts patented adidas Traxion technolgy for superior grip and optimum stud pressure distribution. The adidas adiPure IV SL TRX FG retails for $250.00.



 4. Adidas F50 adizero Prime TRX FG

40333The adidas F50 adizero Prime TRX FG weighs an unbelievable 5.1 ounces and is designed for speed demons who still want a cleat that gives them plenty of ball control ability but nothing to slow them down. The adidas F50 adizero Prime TRX FG retails for $300.



5. Nike Mercurial Vapor VII FG Soccer Cleats

nikemvNot only does Cristiano Ronaldo wear the Nike Mercurial Vapor VII FG but he actually helped design them as well so if they meet his standards they are sure to meet yours. These cleats were designed with the passing game in mind but offer superior shot control as well. The Nike Mercurial Vapor VII FG retail for $199.99


 6. Under Armour Blur Pro FG Soccer Cleats

UAThe Under Armour Blur Pro FG are lightweight enough to satisfy the speediest player but still offer all the security and stabilty needed to get you through 90 minutes of intense action. The Micro G cushioning and 4D foam insole also provides all the comfort you need as well. The Under Armour Blur Pro FG retails for $179.00


7. Nike Tiempo Elite IV FG Soccer Cleats

453955The Nike Tiempo Elite is designed for those looking for exceptional traction from a lightweight shoe and the Nike Tiempo Elite IV FG is no exception. Nike’s patented Flywire technology provides weightless stability and the kangaroo leather upper exceptional comfort. The Nike Tiempo Elite IV FG retails for $349.99


 8. Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite FG Soccer Cleats

20402The Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite FG are crafted from Kanga Lite synthetic leather for ultimatre fit and comfort but without the hassle of needing too much care. The assymetrical laces and dampening pods offer extra ball control and traction but at just 8.8 oz this is still a very lightweight cleat, perfect for the faster paced game. The Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite FG retails for $249.99


 9. Nike Tiempo Legend III Soccer Cleats

701018The Nike Tiempo Legend III are a classic soccer cleat that are as powerful as they are understated – perhaps why they are Carlos Tevez’ soccer cleat of choice these days. With a pure kangaroo leather upper for the ultimate comfort and fit and combination of conical and bladed studs for traction and control these soccer cleats are all about performance, not flash. The Nike Tiempo Legend III retail for $124.99.




 10. PUMA v1.11 i FG Soccer Cleats

102283The PUMA v1.11 i FG may be the best fitting and most comfortable soccer cleat that PUMA have ever made. The Aptolast technolgy provides a fit that mimics the natural shape of the foot and the Pebax outsole provides traction and stability without weighing you down. The PUMA v1.11 i FG retails for $179.99






New Australian law to make Muslims, lift veils

Muslim women would have to remove veils and show their faces to police on request or risk a prison sentence under proposed new laws in Australia’s most populous state that have drawn criticism as culturally insensitive.

A vigorous debate that the proposal has triggered reflects the cultural clashes being ignited by the growing influx of Muslim immigrants and the unease that visible symbols of Islam are causing in predominantly white Christian Australia since 1973 when the government relaxed its immigration policy.

Under the law proposed by the government of New South Wales, which includes Sydney, a woman who defies police by refusing to remove her face veil could be sentenced to a year in prison and fined 5,500 Australian dollars ($5,900).

The bill — to be voted on by the state parliament in August — has been condemned by civil libertarians and many Muslims as an overreaction to a traffic offense case involving a Muslim woman driver in a “niqab”, or a veil that reveals only the eyes.

The government says the law would require motorists and criminal suspects to remove any head coverings so that police can identify them.

In a population of 23 million, only about 400,000 Australians are MuslimCommunity advocates estimate that fewer than 2,000 women wear face veils, and it is likely that even a smaller percentage drives.

“It does seem to be very heavy handed, and there doesn’t seem to be a need,It shows some cultural insensitivity” said Australian Council for Civil Liberties spokesman David Bernie.

An Australian national Muslim female Mouna Unnjinal, a mother of five who has been driving in Sydney in a niqab for 18 years and has never been booked for a traffic offense, in this regard said;

‘It is a religious issue here, We’re going to feel very intimidated and our privacy is being invaded”.

A normal Muslim female  would not hesitate to show her face to a POLICEWOMEN. But she woul fear POLICEMEN might misuse the law to deliberately intimidate Muslim women. If she’d ask for a POLICEWOMEN when been asked to remove the veil by a POLICEMEN, will she be penalized ???? Thats the very question on every Muslim female. In this regard, Mouna Unnjinal said;

“If I’m pulled over by a policeman, I might say I want to see a female police lady and he says,‘No, I want to see your face,” Unnjinal said. “Where does that leave me? Do I get penalized 5,000 dollars and sent to jail for 12 months because I wouldn’t?”

What could be the main reason behind this new law, which is about to be imposed in AUSTRALIA.. If its Australia now, then gradually there’d be more. But still it is a religious issue, And it needs to be SOLVED, and solved immediately.