finally the moment has come when some sophistication has been shown by nokia. Nokia n9, announced but not yet officially released, is definitely a device by nokia which deserves some appreciation. this device really show that nokia has finally come to some senses because this device finally exhibits those features which are of utter need and desired by the market.

nokia finally felt the need of the good os along with a good hardware and nokia n9 is the first device which is the result of nokia new policy .check out the ad

as mentioned above the beauty of nokia n9 is its brand new OS, MEEGO v1.2 HARMATTAN, the first and may be last meego os to come from nokia. The OS is super crisp and alot different from ios, maemo, andorid and symbian in terms of user interface. infact, to me , the os user interface looks like to be the combination of android, symbian , and ios.there are three home screens and all three are uncustomizable.first screen is the notification screen  which is somewhat nokia answer android widget screen. it contains all your information from facebook notification to CNN news updates, from  new message to missed calls, every single thing which can be classified as ” information ” come right onto that  has introduced a new swiping technology in nokia n9. now the interface is more focused on swiping then on clicking and things like that.swiping across this notification screen is the app screen containing all the apps that has been install on the phone. and the last screen is the most important screen. because it is completely new experience. it is the multitasking screen .it contains all the apps currently running on the phone. apps running in the background takes the form of small windows that appear on this phone. these windows look like the picture frames of android . but  this is a really a cool way to present the multitasking. on this screen all the running apps are live apps which means while in the background, unlike android and ios , these apps run as they are supposed to be running meaning if some app is using the accelerometer , in the multitasking view that app will  response to change in orientation of the phone.

check out the ui demo

the styling of the os is more like ios-ish. like os the buttons and icons . but still they are good. contents of os is more like android-ish and symbian . but still i like this combination alot.there is no hardware button on the phone for menu, you have to double to unlock the screen which is really a good news for button- haters 😉  like ios, this phone has the mandatory universal search through which u can search any thing on the phone. the contacts app is decent . you can easily integrate facebook, skype , exchange and other contacts with this apps. which means no need to go to the separate sites separately. the browser app is alot more better than symbian old safari based default browsers bringing the whole game to the next level.

nokia n9 also features the new NFC support, short for Near Field Communication, which is the replacement of the bluetooth. now you just have to tap to other NFC enabled device to do the sharing .check out that video.

hardware wise the device is pretty solid, exhibiting all the features that a typical high end phone has.  The whole body is unibody made of premium-quality hard plastic which is good. infact nokia is one of hottest looking device in the market. its 3.9” FWVGA AMOLED screen is really the main attraction of the phone. screen pixel density has also been improved, now boosting 854×480 resolution. infact the screen is giving the close competition to Samsung super AMOLED screens which are the world best screens. in terms of system performance, this device boasts of the 1 GHz A8 processor and 1GB ram. it has 8 megapixel autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash and it will come in 16 GB or 64GB memory drive to store your favourite content . the camera has HD video recording capabilities.

in short nokia n9 has every thing that a good phone should have. a cool os and distinguished os , a exiquite hardware and pretty awesome looks. but if nokia plays its cards right this phone can be of great success , even greater than nokia’s extremely popular nokia n8.meego os can compete and give close fight to ios and android if nokia rearrange its ovi store and increase the number of apps. that is the only category in which ios and android has an edge.ovi store is really outdated as compared to android market and the magnificent app store of apple . the only thing that makes me sad is that this is going to be the only device from nokia bearing this os. nokia should also bring more devices with this os rather than symbian . this is the only way for nokia to reclaim its kingdom.


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